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Autumn Leaves game cover image
Autumn Leaves
Paint Studio game cover image
Paint Studio
Mahjong King Basics game cover image
Mahjong King Basics
Bubblies Basics game cover image
Bubblies Basics
Brain Challenge Extended game cover image
Brain Challenge Extended
Balloons Extended game cover image
Balloons Extended
Geometry Master game cover image
Geometry Master
Jigsaw Race game cover image
Jigsaw Race
Rush Hour game cover image
Rush Hour
Bingo game cover image

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Obie’s games supports the core principles of wellness - cognitve stimulation, physical activity and social interactions. The experience of each game can be tailor-made to suit any person’s needs and abilities, and helps enhance overall wellness.

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Our Games

Ball Pit game cover image
Ball Pit

Ball Pit

Come on! Dive into the ball pit, full of so many colorful balls!


Champions game cover image


Join the Super Cup Championship and play with the best teams in the world!


Piano game cover image


What’s better than a gigantic piano that you can play by tapping from key to key? The sounds are authentic, and the possibilities are endless. Players will spend hour upon hour composing brilliant music and making lasting memories.


Series game cover image


Place the numbers in order to move up the levels.


Street Ball game cover image
Street Ball

Street Ball

It’s time for an epic soccer match between the Police and the Fire Fighters! Grab a friend and get ready to show off your soccer skills as you score goals over and over again.


Color Tubes game cover image
Color Tubes

Color Tubes

In real life, cleaning up a mess isn't exactly fun. But with Color Tubes, mess is best! Run around the floor and stomp on every paint tube and watch it squirt out. Making a mess has never been so fun!


Underwater game cover image


Get your fishing poles ready, and prepare to catch all of the fish and octopuses diving out of the way! Navigate the bubbles and the nets as you do your best to nab all of the sea creatures racing to safety. Keep tab of your points, but don’t tell fish tales!


Autumn Leaves game cover image
Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Scatter the leaves strewn across the floor! Jump in the pile, roll across them, and delight in this beautiful representation of our natural world. Popular in Autism Centers and Sensory Rooms for players who need minimum sensory input.


Butterflies game cover image


Move around to make the butterflies scatter.


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"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."George Bernard Shaw
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