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Senior Care during COVID-19

This report takes a comprehensive approach to some of the issues seniors face during the COVID-19 pandemic, with particular focus on assisted living facilities.
Obie for Seniors Impact in Numbers*

Based on our report findings, Seniors using Obie show significant improvement in the following categories:

Overall, our findings report that 94% of seniors using Obie saw a significant improvement in well-being. Of the seniors involved in the research study, 57% of seniors used Obie 3-4 times per week and 57% of seniors used Obie everyday.

* We worked with our partner, Complete Care Management to learn about Obie For Senior’s true impact and extract meaningful data about its benefits.

We surveyed senior residents at Complete Care Management to better understand the outcomes of seniors working with Obie. These numbers reflect the perspective of Complete Care Management’s care staff and the positive impact that Obie is bringing to residents.

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Obie Training Through Gaming: Cognitive Enhancement and Digital Technologies

An article by Professor Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD, ABPP-CN, A clinical neuropsychologist and cognitive neuroscientist…
case study

Obie in Complete Care Management - Success Story

Obie For Seniors is enhancing the lives of Complete Care’s residents and providing a solution to getting residents more motivated and involved.

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