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“Obie has been our tech answer and is part of a broader industry of tech-driven devices and innovations explicitly created for seniors.”

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“Its new Obie brand uses a smart projector to provide stimulating games designed specifically for seniors.“

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"Obie uses a special projector and motion sensors to turn any tabletop into a colorful interactive video game to promote exercise and comradery"

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“Obie turned out to be the perfect solution to fill the almost endless free time their residents had with meaningful activities that enhance their quality of life.”

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“The EyeClick product has proven to provide much needed amusement, respite and even exercise for the senior population”

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“Using an interactive projector, seniors can engage in physical and cognitive games helping them keep active while isolating”

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw
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Follow the music notes as they play familiar melodies and sequences. As players touch the keys, they create music which awakens emotions and memory, an excellent means of connecting to one’s past. Maestro is a musical activity that boosts creativity and independent thinking, strengthen cognitive skills and promotes a feeling of well-being.